Digital Collections of the Bibliotheca Mozartiana

The Bibliotheca Mozartiana is making its important historical collections, but also results of contemporary research, available online for free, step by step.

This work is done in close collaboration with the Digital Mozart Edition (DME).

On this website you find different digitized sources from the collection (starting with historical music editions, books and articles; music manuscripts, as well as letters and documents will follow).

You can browse the thematic collections on the left, or use the search field to find digitized works.

Please note: the online edition of the Mozart-Jahrbuch is currently only accessible on the premises of the International Mozarteum Foundation.

New Additions

on 31/01/2019
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     The work may be accessed from a specific computer of the institution only
    Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum
    Elektronische Ressource, Salzburg, 1950; 1951(1953) - 1953(1954)
on 24/01/2019
on 23/01/2019
on 17/01/2019


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